The Story of Chairman Meow

From his humble beginnings as an abandoned orphan cat, Chairman Meow has become the undisputed and dearly beloved ruler of his people. May his story be an inspiration to other would-be Meowists.

Chairman Meow Poster

Self Reliance and Arduous Struggle

Chairman Meow’s early life was defined by poverty and hardship. Abused by a cruel Imperialist regime, he was abandoned at barely two years of age and forced to fend for himself before being rescued by the kindly people at Cats Protection.

War and Peace

With his poster-boy good looks, the Chairman naturally attracted many potential supporters but his early experiences had made him fierce and passionately committed to feline liberation.

Many came and went from the Cats Protection Adoption Centre, frightened of the struggle. But good comrades are those willing to go where the difficulties are greatest. One couple recognised in Chairman Meow a great intelligence and charismatic personality, and offered him asylum.

At first, the Chairman was placed under house arrest. Although it was done for his own protection, nonetheless Meow was deeply disturbed by the situation. He established secret headquarters under the bed and prepared for war. When conditions were favorable for battle and the household was sleeping, he ambushed the people and refused to be cowed by their reactionary bluster. Still, they persevered with diplomacy and kept making peace offerings in the form of Whiskas.

Psycho Kitty Blog Version

Education and the Training of Troops

Chairman Meow harbored no unrealistic notions about the people. However, he resolved to unite with them and co-exist peacefully. He believed they were entitled to an education to help them morally develop and become workers for the feline cause.

A strict disciplinarian, training began at 5am with kitchen fatigues. Any attempts to over-sleep were remedied with a firm paw-blow to the chin. Initial sloppiness in the preparation of rations, especially the use of inferior cat-food, resulted in punishment by gas.

The Chairman was no less committed to the intellectual development of his people but to his dismay, he found they were barely literate; The beauty and subtlety of cat language was beyond them. Only with considerable effort and many repetitions did they eventually come to understand a few basic words: M’aow – ‘Let me out’ and Miaooow – ‘Feed me’

Culture and Art

Undeterred, the Chairman tried to express himself through other, different forms and styles of Art

Cat Yoga Final

Correcting Mistaken Ideas

Although the people had many good qualities and often rendered great service, there were times when they became arrogant and high-handed. Chairman Meow was always at pains to eradicate such behaviour.  For a long time, they believed they had priority over the household soft furnishings but Meow made sure to squash anyone who got in his way.

Nor was the Chairman any less tolerant if the people failed to pay him sufficient respect. Potential rivals – newspapers, mobiles, laptops – were always ruthlessly crushed.

Crush Rivals

The People’s Army

A year on, the Meowist people are happier and more content than they have ever been. To fight on behalf of a scared, damaged little cat and see him transformed into a great and powerful leader, Chairman Meow, is one of the most rewarding things they have ever done.

Cat and People


Sadly not all cats are a lucky as Chairman Meow.  Every year, thousands of cats are still subject to terrible cruelty, neglect, starvation and disease.  The People’s Army, Cats Protection, works tirelessly to promote the welfare of cats through-out the UK through education, neutering and rehoming programmes but at any one time, they have around 6,200 cats and kittens in their care all of whom, like the Chairman, need good people to lead and rule.

For more information and details on how you may be able to help, visit their website :

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